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For over 20 years, BXGK, formerly (Bai Xing Electric Technology Co. Ltd.), has grown into a high-tech company that markets and distributes cell and molecular biology products, vaccines, and biomedical and clinical device. We excel in having a strong team that both have strong research background as well as the expertise in foreign trade. We are also the first company that imports cell strains and vaccines from all over the world entrusted by the research institutions. We have successfully acquired distributorships from a number of world-famous manufacturers and are able to distribute the highest quality products in a wide range of fields including clinical diagnosis, cellular and molecular biology, immunology etc.

Supported by a matured development of a 13000 ft2 headquarter, 65000 ft2 warehouses and 40 employees, we succeeded in taking up the major market share of laboratory supplies in China. Laboratories in Academic Institutions, Governmental Subsidiaries, Hospitals and Clinics, Public Facilities and Accreditation Organizations all enjoy our prompt and creditable services.

Since establishment, BXGK has set up a systematic network around China with a number of branches in many cities. BXGK will continue to follow the management philosophy principles of ¡°honest and reciprocal development!¡± and is committed to offer timely and high quality service to promote the development of life science in China.

We are also proactive and eager to further our development in the future. Should you have any queries, please feel free to CONTACT US